Our Doctor

As the principal doctor in charge of The Pain Relief Clinic, Dr Terence Tan’s passion for pain relief grew out of personal experience. Having spent well over a decade treating patients suffering from pain, Dr Tan developed his special interest by focusing on introducing new non-invasive pain solutions and tissue repair technologies to Singapore.

He is one of the few doctors in Asia combining multiple FDA approved and EU CE marked non-invasive pain treatments into comprehensive clinical practice.

He frequently shares his expertise in educational workshops both locally and overseas.

Dr Tan is accredited with both the Family Physician Accreditation Board and the Singapore Medical Council. He is also a member of the Singapore Medical Association and The Pain Association of Singapore.

Committed to providing the very best, result oriented pain treatments, his philosophy is to always offer patients the safest, most effective and least invasive treatments available.

His patients appreciate the value of being able to have consultations, investigations (xray, ultrasound and MRI), and treatments all done on the same day, especially when they are suffering from severe pain.

Dr Tan’s clinical approach is that while there is a role for short term medications in specific situations, patients do not generally want to be dependent on long term painkillers or try risky solutions.

Even in age related, “wear and tear”, and other chronic conditions, a comprehensive yet targeted approach can help patients be pain free and lead a healthy active life.