Neck Pain Diagnostics @ $70

Neck Pain is a problem that affects many people.
It can affect younger people who injure their neck due to sports as well to older patients who have age related neck pain.
It can sometimes also be a symptom of serious underlying conditions.

Neck pain can sometimes recover with rest, short term pain medications and physiotherapy.

However, if it does not recover quickly, a complete medical consultation with a thorough physical examination and a neck X-ray is highly recommended.

In particular, an Xray is very important to look for serious conditions like a fracture, bone cancer and arthritis.

To help patients get a timely, safe diagnosis and treatment of neck pain, The Pain Relief Clinic offers a customized Neck Pain Diagnostic Program which includes:

  1. A targeted clinical history and examination
  2. Neck X-rays
  3. Post X-ray consultation, diagnosis and treatment prescription

All the above can be completed on the same day (subject to appointment slot availability) at a cost of $70.

To register, simply call +65 6732 2397 and request for an appointment.