Bagi orang orang yang menderita rasa sakit dan kekakuan dari osteoarthritis, yang juga dikenal sebagai “pakai dan robek”, pengobatan teknologi nano yang inovatif bebas dari obat-obatan baru baru ini telah diperkenalkan ke Singapura.

For people suffering from pain and stiffness from osteoarthritis, also known as “joint wear and tear”, an innovative drug-free nanotechnology treatment has recently been introduced to Singapore.
As reported in the widely respected medical journal Rheumatology, this solution takes the form of a topically applied gel filled with nano-particles called Sequessome vesicles.

The Sequessome vesicales work through a bio-lubrication effect when applied to a joint.

In 943 patients using this treatment alone for at least 3 months, it was found that the treatment clearly demonstrated efficacy by:

  • reducing pain
  • improving joint stiffness
  • increasing physical function

What sets it apart from other pain gels previously used is the innovative new technology that does not include the use of any pharmaceutical drug.

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