The Bioptron is a light-emitting bio-stimulator device, stimulating light-sensitive structures inside the cells of the human body.

Some of the characteristics which make the Bioptron useful for medical applications include:
1. Polarization – Bioptron light moves (or oscillates) in parallel
2. Polychromy – Inclusion of light waves within the visible and infra-red spectrum (wavelength 480 nm – 3400 nm), without the harmful UV radiation.
3. Incoherency – Light waves in the Bioptron is not synchronized with each other.
4. Low energy – Bioptron has a low energy density, producing less heat at the site of application.

The Bioptron has been found to modulate inflammatory processes, thereby decreasing the chemicals that produce a pain sensation. It has also been thought to accelerate the production of endogenous opioids (chemicals that help result in pain relief).

The Bioptron can be used for pain relief in various situations:

1. Rheumatology (including degenerative joint diseases and rheumatoid arthritis)

A systematic search of clinical evidence from 1998 to 2005 reveals that the level of pain in Rheumatoid arthritis decreases by 1.1 point on a Visual Analog Scale, along with a decrease in the period of morning stiffness of the hands by approximately half an hour.

A review of Osteoarthritis knee patients, in 11 RCTs (Randomized Controlled Trials), showed a reduction in pain.

2. Sports medicine and soft tissue injuries (tendonitis, muscle tears, epicondylitis)

Evaluation of 50 patients revealed the super-additive effect of Bioptron with exercise, to relieve pain and improve the functional disabilities caused by Lateral Epicondylitis (Elbow pain caused at the outer aspect)

3. Physiotherapy adjunct (for chronic non-specific back and neck pain, musculoskeletal injuries)

A clinical trial on 75 patients suffering from chronic low backache (divided into 3 groups – “exercise alone”, “phototherapy alone”, and “exercise + phototherapy”), showed that the pain level decreased more in patients treated with “phototherapy + exercise” or “phototherapy alone”, as compared to the “exercise alone” group.

If you are suffering from any of the above medical conditions, or other difficult aches and pains, it would be a probably be good idea to discuss with your doctor the Bioptron, and find out whether it would be a suitable treatment option.

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